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Micro Surfacing is very Useful Item for Restoration of Roads. A short note on this…

Micro Surfacing is an eco-friendly surface treatment used to restore and preserve the characteristics of the road.

It is of two types (i) 4 mm to 6 mm thick (Type II) (ii) 6mm to 8 mm thick (Type III). It is a mix of polymer modified asphalt emulsion, graded aggregate, cement, water and additives. This mixture is applied in a semi-liquid condition.with specialized paving equipment. Upon application the mixture so designed changeschemically and sets quickly to give a uniform coat of cold mix dense material that allowsresuming the traffic within two hours.

It is to be applied over an existing pavement surface which is structurally sound, but thesurface is showing signs of premature ageing, aggregate loss, high degree of polishing,oxidation / hungry surface etc.

Why Micro Surfacing?

 A proven solution for resurfacing as a wearing course

 Cost effective as compared to Hot Mix treatment

 Smooth surface without disturbing existing profile

 Longer life:

o Arrests pavement deterioration due to oxidation on account of polymer


o Retards progressive failures

o Reduces need for routine maintenance

 Less down time:

o Can be open for traffic in two hours

o No damage to existing road furniture

o No disturbance to drainage

 Quick application:

o Mixing and laying is done in one process

o Higher output

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